Flyball Tug Toys are handcrafted from high quality anti-pilling fleece with a 5cm natural rubber ball and come in your choice of colours from our range. They make great interactive toys for your pup! These tug toys are a fab reward for all pets - especially for those that love competing in agility and flyball - along with being just a fun tug toy for lots of tug-of-war action!
A flyball tug toy is perfect for use with puppies due to the soft fleece and length, but is great for any age of dog! This tug is around 110cm (43 inches) in length although small variations do occur due to its handmade nature.
Playing tug will give your pup a great mental and physical workout, while strengthening your bond! Your pup is sure to love it. especially using our fun colourful tuggies! The long length of these tugs also helps with teething puppies and protecting from nibbles by creating a fun, animated distraction for them.
Colours will vary.

Care Instructions
This item is hand washable, leave to air dry.

As with all toys, these items are not indestructible and the dog should be supervised at all times while using this toy. Check the item regularly for any signs of wear and tear.

Walkie Mountain Toys Flyball Tug

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