Vet Bedding Non Slip Teddy Bundle of 5 pieces!


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High / Quality Non Slip Vet Bedding 


The ideal product for whelping boxes, it can be used in kennels, cars, cages or just laid on the floor as a mat

The non slip backing ensures it stays in place and adds durability to the product, whilst the fleece side gives your dog cosy warmth comfort. Can even be hoovered without it moving.

Approx 2050 GSM, this means the bedding is of a higher quality than some lower GSM products & pile hight of 25mm-28mm.

Fully washable on 40° degrees.

  • Very long lasting
  • Can be cut to size with out FRAYING 
  • Thick pile for extra heat retention 
  • Non irritant 
  • Non allergenic 
  • Dries and drains fast just in case of an accident 
  • Portable 

Sizes stated are approximate and actual dimensions may vary slightly.

Vet Bedding Non Slip Teddy Bundle 5 pieces